Thank you for visiting my blog and discover my work and my pleasures. I like to find new meaning for people, things or situations. For more than 12 years, I have helped international brands be known in Romania and also Romanian companies be relevant on foreign markets.

What is still thrilling for me is seeing people using or appreciating a smartphone whose interface I translated or driving a car whose owner’s manual I have translated or revised. We, the translators, perhaps not intentionally, have an essential role and a major impact in the day to day life of each of us.

Out of my dearest happenings, Atelieruldetraduceri.ro is the most challenging and fulfilling experience. Here, I have the opportunity to use my expertise on a larger scale, to search for new meanings and solutions for my clients, colleagues and the community at large.

I’d like to share my knowledge and speak on translation, localization, terminology, technical documentation or virtual teams topics.

You’re invited to follow the blog for information or events related to translation, internationalization or working methods.


In media

Produs în ţara ta (Made in your country)

Virtual teams

Participations in conferences and events

Virtual Teams for Translators Young Translators and Interpreters in an Europe of Post-Communication, Department of Applied Modern Languages, Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj, 16 October 2015

The Story behind the Words Mures Startups Meetup

Bridging the Gap between Technology and Languages. Why Language Industry Loves Engineers.

INTER-ENG Conference, Petru Maior University, Targu-Mures, October 2014

tekom Romania

Moderator, speaker, panelist on various translation and technical documentation issues.

Made in your country – Local company.