Apps and Websites Localization and Translation

Everybody uses apps and web services either on desktop or on mobile devices. For developers, app access to as many users as possible is essential. However, not only access to the app is important, but also the openness of the interfaces and the support documentation in the user’s language is decisive. And the app localization does exactly this: it removes the language barrier and increases sales.

The localizing service takes into account:

- Adaptation to the local culture.

- Linguistic accuracy.

- Tracking of the context.

- Translation of the entire documentation, help and user manuals, knowledge base and support that accompany the software product.

Why localize your app in the Romanian language:

- There are over 10 million Internet users in Romania.

- Over 50 % connect on mobile devices, Smartphone or tablet.

- Android Google Play already has 2.000.000 apps. Is a market of 10.000.000 users appealing?

Contact me for:

- Technical translations

- App and Website Localization and Translation

- Terminology

- Consultancy

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