Although the translation activity doesn’t seem very complicated, with the need to be present in several markets, translation efforts multiply. With this, the ever increasing volume of materials that need to be translated, multiplied by the necessary number of languages, can be complicated to manage by a single person. And we haven’t even got to the quality assessment process. Wherever there is a need for a dedicated team, I can help build it.

Working in different domains and companies with different needs, I managed to develop my organizing and evaluation skills for making relevant recommendations.

What can I actually do for your company:

1. Assessment, selection and implementation of translation instruments according to the material that needs translation.

1. Assessment, selection and implementation of terminology management instruments.

2. Assessment, selection and implementation of document writing instruments (Authoring Tools).

3. Determining the work-flows.

4. Local Team vs. Virtual Team.

5. Assessment and selection of translators and terminology

6. Determining the performance objectives for translator/terminology.

7. Production of stylistic guides for production and translation.

Contact me for:

- Technical translations

- App and Website localization and Translation

- Terminology

- Consultancy

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