Although terminology management has been somewhat ignored, or only understood by practitioners, increasingly more companies choose to build their own term base so as to ensure a consistent communication with their audiences. Moreover, terminology management enables the communication of those qualities and values that distinguish their products from the competition.

Why is it important to manage terminology:

1. Consistency. Whether we are managing monolingual documents, having our own language system enables us to produce terminologically consistent documents.

2. Accuracy. Terminology management for translation guarantees that each term will be translated in the same way, in every document and every language.

3. Less time spent on the translation. It has been proved that the existence of a well-organized term base shortens the time needed for translation by up to 40 %. This way, the translations will be available faster.

I can help companies create a term base, to offer support for the following activities:

1. Communication.

2. Translation.

3. Document writing.

4. Trainings.

Contact me for:

- Technical translations

- App and Website localization and Translation

- Terminology

- Consultancy

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