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March 22, 2016
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May 30, 2017
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The Leader is You!


For 500 women, including myself, the Woman’s Leadership Conference, The Woman 2016, was a holiday, a day dedicated exclusively to them, each presentation or discussion panel approaching one aspect of the life of a woman leader: stress management and lifestyle, professional life and how to build a personal brand.

Each presentation was actually the story of a woman leader, with challenges, achievements and less pleasant moments from the personal or professional life. Each was a lesson from which we have something to learn.

Without making a comprehensive presentation of the given matters, I would still like to highlight some ideas that stuck and which I would like to further follow:

  1. Each woman is a leader. The job title is not mandatory to validate this, because each woman can be an example for subordinates, colleagues, family and friends.
  2. Professional success is, above all, the success of a team. Every women leader on the stage pointed out the importance of the team without which the professional achievements could not have been achieved.
  3. Set your defining values and be consistent in applying them. Consider your values when taking each decision.
  4. Each woman is unique. There is no need to compare ourselves with other persons, to act against our values or with what is in trend.
  5. Be authentic. Build your personal brand based on truth. The truth is the best way to grow.
  6. Don’t give up when facing an obstacle, small or big. Follow your goal, even if it means going up and down and be reborn from your own ashes!
  7. Take a risk and leave your comfort zone! Set ever higher limits. Go to the next level.
  8. Pay it forward! Teach other people to be leaders. Whether it’s about children, colleagues, subordinates or family members.
  9. Eat healthy food, get enough rest and find ways to eliminate stress. As a leader, you always have to be full of energy and optimism.

Surely, the list of teachings/advice doesn’t stop here. But these we can build on!

The Leader is You!